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Freedom of Information Requests

Requests for public records are fulfilled under the guidelines of the Illinois Freedom of Information Act (5 ILCS 140). For information related to the public’s rights under the Illinois Freedom of Information Act, please visit the Attorney General website.

How to submit a request:

FOIA requests must be submitted in writing. Be specific as possible when describing the public records you are seeking. Also, state whether you would like copies of the requested records or whether you wish to examine the records in person.

If this is a commercial request, please indicate so. It is a violation of the Freedom of Information Act for a person to knowingly obtain a public record for a commercial purpose without disclosing that it is for a commercial purpose, if requested to do so by the public body. 5 ILCS 140.3.1(c).

You are not required to use a standard form, however, for your convenience one has been provided. Click here for the FOIA request form.

You may submit your request by mail, fax, and email or in person to:

James Moore, FOIA Officer
Clear Lake Township
4260 Old Route 36
Springfield, IL 62707
Office: (217) 523-4210
Fax: (217) 523-4403
Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 8am – 2pm (with exception of holidays)

Fee schedule for duplication of public records:

Letter or legal sized (8 ½ x 11 or 8 ½ x 14) black and white copies – no fee for the first 50 pages. After the first 50, there is a fee of 10 cents per page.

Color or abnormal sized copies – the fee is equal to the actual cost of copying.

Electronic records – the fee is equal to the actual cost of purchasing the recording medium.

Certified copy - $1.00

FOIA Notice


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