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Below is an explanation of the various residential property tax exemptions.

General Homestead
Must apply by January 31st of each year, $5,500 maximum amount.

Senior Citizen Homestead
Must apply by January 31st, $4,000 reduction in addition to the General Homestead.

Senior Citizen Assessment Freeze
Residents currently receiving this freeze will receive renewal documents each year. New applicants can apply beginning in May. The assessed value of your property for the year prior to the year you first apply is "frozen." Annual application is required with maximum caps of income each year. For 2008 the income cap is $55,000.

Homestead Improvement a/k/a Home Improvement
Exemption up to 4 years up to $25,000 in assessed value or $75,000 market value. This is to allow homeowners to make improvements to the property and have it exempted back off for 4 years.

Disabled Persons' Homestead
Exemption provides a reduction of $2,000 by a person with a disability rating of 100% by IL Secretary of State Class 2 or 2A Disabled Person ID Card, current year Social Security Administration, VA, Railroad or Civil Service 100% disability benefit documentation.

Returning Veterans Homestead
Exemption provides a one time $5,000 reduction of military service members who have, during the current year, returned from active duty deployment.

Disabled Veterans Standard Homestead
$5,000 reduction for disabled veterans with a service related disability of at least 75%.

Deadlines: All exemptions must be applied for by January 31st of each year with the exception of Senior Citizens Freeze.

Forms can be obtained at Room 210 of the County Building.





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