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Thomas Runyon, Supervisor

Job Description: The township supervisor is the chief executive officer of the township. The supervisor acts as ex officio supervisor of general assistance and serves as chairman of the township board. The supervisor is a voting member of the board. The supervisor has numerous financial reporting responsibilities, is the treasurer of all township funds and is the ex officio treasurer of the road and bridge funds.

Alex Lyons, Highway Commissioner

Job Description: The highway commissioner has all the road district roads under his jurisdiction except those inside incorporated cities and villages. He is responsible for their construction and maintenance to the extent that the electors provide him with the funds for such.

James Moore, Township Clerk

Job Description: The township clerk is the clerk for the township board. The clerk does not vote, except in the case of a tie vote to fill a vacancy in a township office. The clerk is the keeper of all the township's records, clerk of all town meetings and ex officio clerk for the highway commissioner.

Contracted Assessor, Assessor

Job Description: The township assessor's responsibility is to appraise property and place a value on it, according to formulas set by the Illinois Department of Revenue. The Assessor is required to attend meetings called by the Department of Revenue and those called by the Sangamon County Supervisor of Assessments. The clerk is required to maintain all property record cards.

James Leka, Collector

Job Description: The primary duty of the township collector is the collection of property taxes. The Collector's powers and duties are derived from the Illinois Property Tax Code.

Lorraine Duggins, Trustee

Pam Olive, Trustee

Jim Good, Trustee

Bob VanDerWal, Trustee

Job Description: The board of township trustees carries out orders prescribed for it by the electors assembled at a town meeting. Trustees are the legislative arm of the township, setting policy and procedure for the township supervisor to administer. They also have some duties that they must carry out as ordered directly to them by the General Assembly. The responsibilities of the trustees are numerous and they are critical to the proper functioning of the township. Trustees have major roles in auditing township bills, attending to annual budgeting and levy responsibilities, spending township funds, compensating township officers and many other township functions.





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