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The two most common complaints are "There's standing water in the ditch in front of my home," and "My culvert is clogged". Ditch and culvert systems are in place to handle the right of way and property drainage. They are designed to collect moisture from the pavement and elevated property, and drain into the proper areas. These drainage areas are the responsibility of the residents and the township.

Residents are responsible for keeping leaves and debris from building up. It is not recommended for residents to burn in drainage areas. This helps keep the debris from clogging culverts and drainpipes. Ditch maintenance by the homeowner includes raking leaves, mowing grass and removing debris. If you do get a clog, usually water pressure from a garden hose should be enough to clear it. However, if dirt and debris have become packed, it is advisable to call the Township for assistance.

Though ditches remove most excess rainwater, it is not unusual for a small amount of water to remain in a ditch until it is absorbed into the ground or evaporates; usually up to 20 days. This is especially true in early spring or late fall when water tables are higher and/or the ground may be frozen. If this occurs, call the township office so that we can inspect the area for problems.


Homeowners should contact the Township if they would like to install a culvert. This applies to whether you, a private contractor or the township will be doing the installation.

Proper installation is important to ensure the proper pitch is determined for installation and that the system will operate at a maximum efficiency both on your property and the drainage area.

The township does charge to install a culvert. Residents are asked to call the office and the Road Commissioner will visit the site and quote a proper sized culvert and the costs involved in the installation.

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