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Modeling the snow emergency level ordinance adopted by the Sangamon County Board, Clear Lake Township adopted a snow emergency level ordinance on January 8. 2008.

In the last few years the area has experienced some extreme weather conditions which has warranted some actions. In the interest of public safety, the board has been discussing some type of snow emergency plan for several months locally and with Sangamon County. When the Sangamon County board adopted the snow emergency level plan the same basics were used for the Township to adopt a unified plan.

This ordinance allows a declaration to be made by the Supervisor and/or Road Commissioner to declare a Snow Emergency during snowfall. The declaration is made after consulting with the Sangamon County Sheriff's Office, the Sangamon County Office of Emergency Management, the Sangamon County Highway Department and other departments or agencies as necessary. Required actions to be taken are based on the level of emergency that is declared. There are three levels:

Level 1 - Roadways are hazardous with blowing and drifting snow. Roads are also icy. Drive very cautiously and travel only if necessary.

Level 2 - Roadways are hazardous with blowing and drifting snow and low visibility. This means that only people with a real important need to be out on the roads and streets should do so.

Level 3 - All roadways are closed to non-emergency personnel. No one should be out during these conditions unless it is absolutely necessary to travel.

Violations that hinder emergency operation may result in drivers being ticketed and/or vehicles being towed.

For example, a snow plow comes upon a vehicle abandoned in the middle of the roadway. This would hinder any emergency vehicle reaching a call and block snow plowing efforts. This vehicle would have to be removed. If a vehicle is parked on side of the roadway and it does hinder snow removal, as usual the plows will go around the parked vehicle. The vehicle will unfortunately get snow covered.

This warning level system will help keep unnecessary vehicles from being on the roadways when conditions are hazardous with snow, ice or drifting snow. It is not the Township's intent to issue tickets to anyone on the roadway or have vehicles towed. This ordinance is strictly for public safety. It serves as a warning advisory system for the public as to the road conditions. This will determine if you can safely be on the roadway and not hamper efforts to remove the snow or block emergency vehicles.

This policy was adopted to eliminate a multitude of problems and troubles for both residents, emergency vehicles and snow plow operators. It is not intended to determine whether you should or should not go to work, but does assist whether to attend sports event, run to the store, attend a class or to check on friends and relatives. It can also serve as a warning as to conditions, that in the past have resulted in loss of utilities, such as electric and heat and to be prepared to be home bound.

Once a Level has been declared, it will be announced in the media. Residents are asked to remember that it will be impossible to know the condition of every road in the Township. The levels will serve as guidelines for the majority of the roads and apply to the unincorporated areas only.

The removal of stranded or inoperable vehicles should be expedited so it does not hinder snow removal and emergency vehicles and force your vehicle to be towed or ticketed. Additionally, it saves the Township time and money. Blocked roadways often force snow plows off the road. This delays snow removal and puts trucks out of service. The township must suffer a cost of $500.00 each time a plow truck is towed or pulled out. This ordinance and the public's cooperation will assist to get roadways cleared as fast as possible and allow our snow plow operators breaks and rest during hazardous weather.

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