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The Road and Bridge Department works diligently to remove snow to make our roads clear and safe. The Township is divided by areas and is systematically worked to get the job completed in the most efficient and timely manner.

High priority roads are first during snowstorms, receiving one pass each way to provide access for residents and emergency vehicles. After the snow has ended, streets and cul-de-sacs in subdivisions are then cleared. After those areas have been cleared, crews return to all streets trying to clear the snow curb to curb or to the edge of pavement. This process does depend on the amount of accumulation. Accumulation can limit where snow can be placed and if roads can be fully opened. In minimal snow falls, snow plow operators salt or cinder at curves and intersections that have stop signs. Please keep a distance of 50 - 100 feet between your vehicle and the township truck, when following snow plow operators.

Conditions sometimes require delays by the Township to get around to all areas quickly. Blowing and drifting snow will sometimes delay snow removal in subdivisions and on secondary roads. In Clear Lake Township there are troublesome areas with drifting snow. Those areas with this type of snow drifting are broken through at the driveway areas by the Township or have snow fences supplied.

Damage to mailboxes does sometimes happen during heavy snows. The Township will replace a mailbox that the Highway Commissioner has established was damaged by the Township. Replacement is limited to standard mailboxes and a post available at a local supply store. The Township does not replace elaborately decorated or custom made mailboxes and posts. Replacement will be completed as soon as possible, weather permitting.

Residents should also be aware that the down-side to plowing roads is that snow ends up in driveways. Township drivers must follow township policy and are not allowed to plow private driveways or entrances. Residents and snow removal contractors are prohibited from depositing snow or ice from private property on to any public roadway, sidewalk or against fire hydrants. Residents should notify their snow removal contractors of this requirement.

For any non-emergency problematic situations residents can call Sangamon County Sheriff's Office (217) 753-6666 or leave a message at the Township Office (217) 523-4210. For all emergency situations please call 911.

Local Snow Removal Contractors
Doug Carver: (217) 415-2320
Jack Goldsberry: (217) 741-2326
Mick Lascody: (217) 629-9708
Vernon Carlow: (217) 502-6592

Please contact the Township Office if you would like added to this list.

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