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Below is a list of frequently asked questions that have been compiled from emails and phone calls. If you have any further questions not addressed here, contact the Township Office.


Question: How fast will I receive an eLert once one has been issued?

Answer: This varies on your service provider, either cellular or internet, but generally this occurs under two minutes after the message has been issued. For further information please consult the terms of service by clicking here.

Question: Who can issue eLerts?

Answer: eLerts are issued from four organizations within Clear Lake Township. The township itself, the Village of Riverton, Riverton Fire and EMS and the Riverton Police Department are all issuers of their own specific emergency/non-emergency notifications. Within all of these organizations certain persons/positions are in charge of issuing eLerts.

Question: How many eLerts are sent in a month?

Answer: The eLert system is, by design, used for emergency alerting, which means there is not a steady amount of eLerts every month. However, there is at least one, this being the monthly test on the first Tuesday of the month. The most ever received in one month is twelve.

Question: How can I be sure that eLert will be delivered to my phone or email?

Answer: Upon signing up for eLerts you will be sent a successful notification message to your respective cell phone number or email account. Also, during the first Tuesday of the month test, a message will be sent assuring that the system is currently working.

Question: Do I have to live in Clear Lake Township /Riverton area to receive eLerts?

Answer: No, you do not have to live in the area to receive these alerts. If you are concerned about family members or friends that live in Clear Lake Township or you work in the Township, you may sign up to receive eLerts. This is a free service and anyone may subscribe.

Question: How do I stop receiving eLerts?

Answer : Contact the Township Office by phone or send a request through email to

Question: How do I know if I live in Clear Lake Township?

Answer: If you live in Riverton, Spaulding, Clearlake Village or the immediate surrounding areas, you live in Clear Lake Township. If you are still unsure, please contact the Township Office by phone or email. Please remember eLerts are free to anyone and you do not have to live in the township to register.

Question: Will I receive eLerts from other parts of the township?/If I don’t live in the Village of Riverton, will I still receive eLerts from the Village of Riverton?

Answer: Yes. Currently the system is setup to send eLerts to everyone signed up in the township no matter where the eLert is for.

Question: What if I do not have a cell phone or computer?

Answer: This system is only a supplement to current emergency alerting such as television, radio and tornado sirens. Please use one of these methods to receive information regarding emergencies in your area. Another idea is to have a friend or family member sign up and then contact you when there is an eLert issued.


Question: Why didn’t I receive a confirmation text message?

Answer: If you did not receive a conformation text message, please contact the Township Office by phone or email.

Question: How much will I be charged for the text messages (SMS messages) received from the eLert system?

Answer: There is no charge to use the eLert system, so this will depend on the type of messaging plan you have through your cellular service provider. You would need to contact them to determine the cost of a text message, if any.

Question: What if I do not have text messaging (SMS messaging)?

Answer: You can still receive email messages and computer desktop notification. Alternatively, you may contact your cellular provider to see about having text messaging added to your cell phone service plan.


Question: Why didn’t I receive a conformation email message?

Answer: If you have not received an email stating that you have signed up then your email address might have been typed incorrectly upon entry. Contact the Township Office by phone or email.

Question: What email address will eLerts come from?

Answer: The email address for eLerts is Please do not respond to this email as it is not checked and you will not receive a reply. If you need further assistance please contact the Township Office by phone or email.


Question: How do I setup eLert notifications on my computer?

Answer: Click here for the installation guide.

Question: Why can I not run the computer desktop notification client in Windows Vista or Windows 7?

Answer: Due to security setting pre-programmed into Windows Vista and Windows 7 you must run the notification client as the administrator. To the program permanently as the administrator for every time   you open the application please right click on the respective eLert icon, then click properties, and then the compatibility tab and check mark Run as administrator and then apply.

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